Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Developing Website using WordPress: Pros & Cons

Developing Website using WordPress

When starting out with your online business you probably want to set it up as cheaply as possible, and this includes the setting up of your website too. WordPress is often the platform of choice for those just starting out online, without the budget to hire someone to create a website for them, it offers the cheapest and most versatile option.


•It’s free
•Fast to setup
•Easy to learn
•Lots of plugins and templates available so you don’t need to be a PHP guru or designer to have a nice looking site with lots of features.
•Easy to modify page templates allowing you to customize the presentation layers to your heart content
•Large and active open source community community of people developing add-ons, plugins, themes frequently
 •Easy to host with simple requirements


• Many of the themes have a tendency to look the same or similar.
•PHP’s track record for security is pretty bad.
•Database queries may be very heavy
•It isn’t a full CMS product – which is fine for a lot of sites – but if your site is moving a long way away from something based around a blog then you might find it starts to creak a bit!

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