Saturday 19 January 2013

Being a Startup Entrepreneur, Ten (funny) Facts and Moments!

01. We pay salary, but we don’t take any.
There are three guys who believed us more than we believed ourselves have joined our team after six months of our start-up. Whatever expenses are on our way through the month, we always kept their salary on top priority. Our salary? Thanks to our friends and family who bare all our personal expenses and preventing us from bankruptcy.

02. Mid 20’s, young and Entrepreneurs too but we don’t have a girlfriend.
Mystery remains unsolved. Still we can’t figure out the reason or able to find the root cause for this world’s biggest problem. One of our developers even tried a poetic approach, but we guess nowadays girls are not recognizing the talent. What, want to read that poem?
Alright, here you go.
“You are CSS to my HTML, and my BODY is incomplete without your SCRIPT”

Wow! How romantic he is, come on my developer give me a hug!

03. Talk about millions and billions when we even don’t have thousands.
  • “Facebook bought Instagram for billion dollars? You know dude, Instagram is cool, but they didn’t even have a business model.”
  • “I don’t understand mate, why investors are dumping millions and millions in Flipkart as they are not making any profit yet.”
  • “Da, we have to check how to purchase Facebook’s stock because I think their price is going to shoot high in near future.”
Hell lot of conversations involves millions and billions, but everything pauses when we see an alert email for our credit card’s second month due. WTF?

04. Business Plan Document. Business Plan, What?
This is one of our favorites. We launched our flagship product ‘HONEYTASK’ five months ago and nominated our product for some of the ‘Big Daddy’ demos. After answered all the pre requisites in a form, there was an attachment field “Submit Your Business Plan Document [BPD],” Bang, TRAPPED! It was too complex than our 16 mark university question.

05. Talking about Equity and ESOP with Team.
Every time we speak about shares and equity with our team; they used to give us a weird look like some zombies from other planets are talking to them.

06. Auto correct option for the word ENTREPRNEUER ENTREPRENEUR
Self-explanatory! Of course, thanks to MS Word.

07. We say two‘F’s more often.
“Funding” either be it from friends or family or from angels, we discuss about it a lot (Yes, we know, who doesn’t). So far, we are too happy to keep our Start-up bootstrapped, and we made a resolution not to approach or even think about external funding from Angels or VC’s until we get our first penny from our customers for our product. We always believe in our instincts, after all growth of a start-up is based on one’s instincts. As SJ said, believe in something your gut, destiny or Karma.

What is Second ‘F’? Come on yaar, if you are an entrepreneur and running a start-up, you should have used it zillion times a day. Can’t guess, WTF(beep)

08. Lot of Biographies
Hell lot of! We read biographies right from Steve Jobs to Rajni to Narayana Murthy to Che.

09. Felt comfortable with a laptop rather than a pillow when we sleep.
Who told only an expensive mattress and couch can get you good sleep? Still we are not sure how many nights that we slept near our laptops.

10. We drive without destination.
Whenever we lose our mind or out of patience, we used to go for a long drive. After some 40 to 50minutes of the drive we will be out of limbo and realize that we are almost out of city limit. The result: Mind relaxed and Ready to go for the kill.

This article is by dear therodinhoods friend Vasanth Sampathkumar. Check following link for more info:

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